Peace precedes love and everything, and is the foundation for sustainable social and economic development. The causes of violence, conflicts, civil wars, unrests and instability – in short, the lack of peace are hunger, poverty, greed, corruption, economic mismanagement, discrimination, oppression, lack of opportunities for many and destructive exploitation of natural resources. Further - globalisation, immigration, global warming and scarcity of natural resources such as water and land coupled with global leadership vacuum have introduced more complexities to human challenges. Ways to engage, involve and unite people; and to develop sustainable and equitable sharing models for basic human needs and lasting peace must be found. It is without doubt that education, sports, arts; musical and cultural activities are some of the tools that can be used to effectively promote peace, unity, prosperity, social cohesion and socio-economic development within a community, country and across borders.

-Our Vision-

Our vision is to see and have a peaceful, prosperous and united people of Africa and the world.

-Our Mission-

  • - To promote peace and unity through education, arts, culture, music and sports;

  • - To engage and enroll individuals and institutions to actively promote and pledge peace, unity, accountability and responsibility at all levels of society, organisations and governments; and

  • - To raise funds for the African Union (AU) peacekeeping missions, mediation, reconciliation, conflict resolution and crisis management work in Africa, and elsewhere in the world.



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