• se·ren·i·ty

  • com·po·sure

  • e·qua·nim·i·ty

  • bal·ance

  • qui·e·tude

  • re·lax·a·tion


JM BUSHA 54 RACES for Peace & Unity in Africa (“JM BUSHA 54”) is a non-profit organisation (NPO) involved in social investment programs aimed at promoting education, peace, unity and harmony among people and nations – that is, creating a good society.


“I am for peace, harmony and unity. I commit not to be involved in any undesirable activity: - banditry, corruption, discrimination, unfair exploitation of labour and other people; and destructive exploitation of natural resources for selfish gain. Further, I will not make or support any decision that may cause instability, social unrest, poverty and other socialeconomic and political problems in the country. I am for Peace. I am Peace”.


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